Four Guiding Principles

This isn't rocket science.  We work smart:  Consistent, organized, innovative, and forward thinking.  We do the job well.

As service providers, we are guided by four principles that are posted near our desks so we don't get distracted:

1)  Quality is always first.  We don't take on more than we can handle at any given time. Our current clients are the priority.  Our staff hold each other accountable to the highest standard working as a team. Having a business built on referrals can only happen with this as our #1 rule.

2) Be comfortable.  We dress casually most often.  We are most comfortable this way and hope you don't mind. Properties require us to do a lot of things on any given day and we want to be ready.  We also believe we can push the buttons on a calculator the same no matter what we're wearing, so be prepared for khaki’s or nice jeans, but likely not a suit. We want to get the job done and we dress for it.

3) Be open.  We are transparent and expect you to be.  We believe the only way we're going to achieve goals together is to be open and honest about every aspect of our interaction.

4) Be selective.  We work with people we enjoy, including clients, vendors, and staff.  This makes for an enjoyable and efficient process for everyone. We believe who we do business with is a choice.  It's mutual.

Northwest Select Real Estate Services


"You have taught, pushed, and guided me, and I have grown."


"In the beginning working with you I was concerned, as you know.  But now, I only hold feeling of admiration for you.  I think you are a remarkable woman (both professionally and personally).  I would like to take this time to thank you for continually allowing me to raise my bar.  I have grown more professionally in the past 6-8 months than ever before.  You have taught me so much.  I also have this feeling of comfort with you that I've never experienced with another supervisor.  I know that if I don't understand something, you don't look down on me, you explain and see it as an opportunity to develop me."


"Overall, Island Park is the best managed property I have reviewed to date, both on the Administrative and Maintenance sides."


"This note from the manager told us, 'We appreciate what you've done <to maintain your balcony>.' I've never known an apartment complex where they'd do that."


"I just learned that you are leaving <company>. You have done a spectacular job and I appreciate all your efforts and the little extra things you have done for this project.  Thank you very much.  You assisted us, me, during a particularly wild time and offered your counsel, wit and wisdom when it was most needed.  I enjoyed working with you and will miss our periodic chats via email."