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"You have taught, pushed, and guided me, and I have grown."


"In the beginning working with you I was concerned, as you know.  But now, I only hold feeling of admiration for you.  I think you are a remarkable woman (both professionally and personally).  I would like to take this time to thank you for continually allowing me to raise my bar.  I have grown more professionally in the past 6-8 months than ever before.  You have taught me so much.  I also have this feeling of comfort with you that I've never experienced with another supervisor.  I know that if I don't understand something, you don't look down on me, you explain and see it as an opportunity to develop me."


"Overall, Island Park is the best managed property I have reviewed to date, both on the Administrative and Maintenance sides."


"This note from the manager told us, 'We appreciate what you've done <to maintain your balcony>.' I've never known an apartment complex where they'd do that."


"I just learned that you are leaving <company>. You have done a spectacular job and I appreciate all your efforts and the little extra things you have done for this project.  Thank you very much.  You assisted us, me, during a particularly wild time and offered your counsel, wit and wisdom when it was most needed.  I enjoyed working with you and will miss our periodic chats via email."